Mervs Mobile Bar

Merv's mobile bar service is an organisation based in Croydon, London. This is how we developed their website.

About Mervs Mobile Bar

Mervs mobile bar service is a private organisation based in Croydon, London, that provides a host of mobile bar solutions for things like Christenings and weddings as well as the occasional Goan party. It features fully functional CMS built in meaning that when any update is required, the website can be updated by the owner, saving time and money.

The website can be found on the following link.

Design 1

The original idea with the site is to have a nighttime feel (dark and lights), while still remaining easy on the eyes. 

As time was of the essence, only a very basic design was created, to enable the user to update all of the content while the artwork was created for the secondary site.

Design 2

For the second design, it was agreed that it should imitate the look and feel of a bar with the same kind of colour scheme.

The image on the right is actually made of one tiled image for the background, and then fixed images for each of the other items.

The menu items are fixed hyperlinks with an image as the inner html. CSS styling is then applied to turn off image borders and other options.

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