Isle of Wight based website and database design

We are a website design, database design and graphic design agency, based in Ryde on the Isle of Wight. We create optimised, responsive sites with a mobile first approach, and have a range of additional options you can select from.

Website Design from £500


We will guide you through the process of what needs to be done to get a website up and running, help you choose and source domains and additional extras you may need.

All of our sites are developed with a mobile first approach, meaning your visitors can load your website even on slow connections.

Websites are designed in Ousia, our own Content Management System (see below) which manages web pages in an easy and intuitive way, and saves you time and money by not needing us to make changes for you.

We also have various Service Level agreements we can put in place for ongoing support and maintenance of your site.

Not just for the Isle of Wight!

It's OK, although we are based here, we don't just cover the Isle of Wight. We can work with anyone, anywhere, and have clients all over the UK. 

We also have a fact sheet that you we will send you to get us ideas on what you want as quickly as possible.

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Website Optimisation & Search Engine Optimisation

Any company that states they can put you on page one of Google is lying. Even Google can't promise that they could put you on that page...

Using a number of sources, we can create a report on your website that will give you a range of things that can be improved on including;

  • Use of compression
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript files sizes and number of items
  • Response times
  • Image optimisation
  • Use of headers, descriptions and keywords

We have also provided a self help check list of things that you can check yourself using online tools, and a number of sites to help you do this.



Did you know that Google now uses https as a ranking signal? We now recommend using this even if you don't have an online shop.

We are a partner with GlobalSign, which enables us to provide a full range of security options for your website, from securing your whole server to single domains using SSL.

These come in a variety of levels and types, and we can advise what level we think you need.

  • Domain SSL
  • Organization SSL
  • Extended SSL
  • Wildcard SSL

Get in contact if you would like more information.

Social Media Management


Help choosing the platforms you want, setting them up and then ongoing management and support in acquiring and keeping your followers happy.

There are a range of options available to you, so get in contact to see what we can do.

Content Management System

OusiaWhite.pngPages can then be set to display different types of content dependent on the type of page, all at the click of a button.

Controls are cached as required to provide lightning fast download times for your end users.

Semantic markup and meta data enable search engines to read and understand your content.

Built in image, JavaScript and CSS optimisation makes your pages as small as they can be.

Multi-lingual features are available for those who need it, and can use Google Translate (key required) to get your pages copied across faster, then simply edit the returned content.

Database Support from £300 p/d

Database.pngWith years of experience in Database Development and Database Administration, in MS Access, SQL Server 2000-2014 and Azure, there aren’t many problems that we can’t help you solve.

We have also added support for both Oracle SQL and Progress SQL, and have developed applications that can transfer data from these databases into SQL Server.

Some of the projects worked on by either us as Claytabase, or the MD include;

  • Unilever
  • International Labour Organisation
  • Philips
  • Whirlpool
  • Nestle
  • Virgin Media
  • most of the major Financial Institutions in the UK.

Microsoft Office 365

MicrosoftOfficeLogo.jpgAs a Microsoft Partner, we have full access to Office 365 Tenant Administration, and can help you with;

  • Initial set up
  • User management
  • Email creation

Microsoft Azure

MicrosoftAzureLogo.jpgAs a Microsoft Partner, we have full access to Microsoft's Windows Azure (it's what this site is running on), and can help you plan, set up and maintain your Azure portfolio with third party management tools that Microsoft provide.

  • SQL Database
  • Virtual Machines
  • Active Directory
  • Azure Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN)
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