Art 2 Artz

Art 2 Artz was a non profit organisation based in Sandown on the Isle of Wight. They had two different website designs built by us.


Art2Artz were a charity based in Sandown on the Isle of Wight. They had two designs over the course of their website lifetime. They sold local artists work and offered lessons for children and young adults with learning difficulties.

Design 1

The initial idea with the site was to have a fun and colourful whilst still functional website. The menu had been created as an image with hotspots in the palette and sub menu in the post it notes. the two photos were provided by them, but all other items such as the paintbrushes, pencils and rubber were created by us.

At the point of taking this image, we had only left a space for advertising.

Design 2

For the second design, it was agreed that a grey colour scheme, with more professional look and feel would be used, and the sub menu would be dropped. The background image was re-rendered from a photo of some glass work they had done.

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